Learn to defend yourself by blending with an attackers power, dispersing his energy, and finally, throwing or controlling the attacker.

In addition to aiding weight loss, increasing fitness, stamina and balance and developing self-confidence. Traditional Weapons (Staff, Sword and Knife) classes are also available. Aikido is ideal for all ages and all levels of fitness. Beginners are introduced gradually to techniques and a safe way of falling to protect their body.

You are encouraged to develop at your own pace. Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art, which, when used for self-defence can counter many different attacks.

The UK Shinwakai Aikido Association includes organisations following the Traditional, Yoshinkan and Iwama styles of Aikido. UK Shinwakai Aikido is a “Not For Profit” organisation and a member of the British Aikido Board, which is recognised by the Sports Council as the Governing Body for Aikido in the United Kingdom.

All instructors hold governing body and internationally recognised qualifications, first aid qualifications, insurance and have been CRB checked (where appropriate), to ensure that you have a safe and qualified environment in which to learn the martial art of Aikido.

For more information please contact Marill Poole: aikido@shinwakai.org.uk